Welcome to Friedland Global Capital © 2012 Friedland Global Capital. Friedland Global Capital's activities include investment banking, merchant banking and corporate finance advisory services,  Services Friedland Global Capital is a global financial services firm, with locations in Singapore, Panama and China, strategic relationships in India and Brazil and representatives in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries worldwide.    Friedland Global Capital's activities are focused on providing entrepreneurs and management of emerging growth companies worldwide access to foreign capital for growth, working capital or acquisitions. These include access to equity and debt capital from institutional investors, including from private equity funds in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Capital Access Friedland Global Capital enables growing companies in growing economies to obtain stock market listings in Singapore, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany. We also enable public companies that have stock market listings in one country to obtain  “dual” stock market listings in another country, or establish a depositary receipt program in another country. Stock Market Listings No services are provided to individiuals or companies located in the  United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore or the United States.